Nail Polish "Gel Formula"

12 ml, BB-GF
This collection of Brigitte Bottier nail polishes has a superglossy stable formula of saturated color, as well as a professional brush, which allows you to apply the nail polish to the whole surface of the nail.
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Special development from Brigitte Bottier is nail polishes with effect of gel coat for creating the salon manicure by yourself at home in three minutes!  For them the superglamour and firm formula not containing toluene and formaldehyde and even special professional flat and rounded shape of brush allowing to easily and neatly apply the nail polish immediately to all the surface of the nail with one swing and in one layer without staining the cuticle was specially designed! Revolutionary gel formula provides nail polish superstability. Brigitte Bottier gel formula do not require the special lamp during drying and can be easily removed by ordinary nail polish removers – you do not need to saw the nail plate!



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