About Us

 About the company

 Eurotrade group is one of the major beauty holdings in Russia, providing innovative systems of complete production cycle, distribution and sales of decorative cosmetics and accessories.


 The structure of the holding

  •   Head company Eurotrade is the main distributor of decorative cosmetics and hair accessories in the FMCG sector since 1999. Eurotrade has its own portfolio of brands, which are Brigitte Bottier, Lavelle collection, Botanic Secrets, Fresh&Sweets, ConceptProf. They are highly demanded by our partners, and great quality of products based on modern technologies, best suits the needs of consumers and customers.
  • Trading house SAAB Company is a major regional B2B distributor of professional decorative cosmetics.

  • Factory Chernyi Brilliant is the manufacturer of Eurotrade group cosmetic brands.

  • Eurotrade Products — distributor of coffee products, snacks and other foods.


  Since 1999 Eurotrade has been developing its own production in Russia, perfecting the technology and quality control systems of its products. The holding cooperates with largest Russian and international companies, suppliers of raw materials and components. The company also has a representative office in China.
Eurotrade group has built up its way basing on sustainable development aimed at ensuring well-being of its partners, clients and employees, which finds its proofs in long-term business relations with numerous local and federal trade networks in Russia and other countries.
Eurotrade group offers quality solutions to its partners and buyers. Eurotrade companies are united by common standards of customer service and perfectly correspond the peculiarities of their market segments.

  To the partners

 Long-term cooperation in business can only be based on the principles of individual approach and maximum efficiency. For years Eurotrade group has remained the choice of distributors, regional and federal trade networks like Auchan, Globus, Magnit, Magnit Cosmetic, Sangi Style, Ulybka Radugi, Yuzhny Dvor, Alpari, Novex, Sem’ Dney, Elize and others. Eurotrade group aims at long-term sustainable and balanced development of cooperation and partnerships.

Team and production
Eurotrade group team is inspired by true values. The company’s creed is to create practical products of excellent quality, innovate and experiment.
Throughout the years of its work, Eurotrade group has adhered to the principle of impeccability of quality and services, developing constantly the efficiency of its enterprises and team. To keep up with the highest standards of the industry, the management of Eurotrade group provides trainings for its employees engaging them in ongoing process of professional development.
The company's technologists regularly do specialized international trainings in the UK, France, Italy and Luxembourg. The employees systematically exchange their experience with colleagues at international exhibitions to keep aware of world trends in the beauty industry.
Using best international standards, Eurotrade group improves management practices, motivation systems and principles of social responsibility. We appreciate and support all our employees, because only efficient teamwork can lead to success.

All Eurotrade group products are created considering basic quality principles and ecological values. Particular attention is paid to safe composition and beneficiality of cosmetics. All Eurotrade lines of nail lacquers have international safety marker "7 Free", which means, that they do not contain harmful and dangerous ingredients and are hypoallergenic. The holding uses only high-quality raw materials from the best European suppliers.
Long-term experience and professional approach allow us to meet the highest standards and requirements of the international cosmetics market.
The holding develops an assortment of products with maximum functionality for easy and successful interaction with customers.


JSC "Eurotrade" Moscow, Kudrinsky per., 3-Б, bld. 2 +7 (495) 617 09 29 +7 (499) 647 49 07